Observation 360

Observation 360: The Observation and Evaluation Component of the Educator Effectiveness System

Observation has never been this simple—or powerful

Observation 360 makes it easier to design your year-long evaluation process, create personalized professional development linked to observations, and track results.

It can be adapted to even the strictest state evaluation requirements—making it one of the most powerful and effective observation tools available.

Observation 360 is fully integrated with the Educator Effectiveness System to provide an end-to-end professional development solution that helps all educators reach their full potential.

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What Observation 360 Offers:

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The Teacher Effectiveness Framework: Simply Better

Every Observation 360 license now comes with the Teacher Effectiveness Framework (TEF). TEF is the first comprehensive teacher evaluation and observation support framework completely based on the InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards—the de facto teacher effectiveness model at teaching colleges throughout the US.

TEF gives you the resources and support you need to meet your evaluation compliance requirements. But that’s just the start, because TEF is more than a compliance tool. It helps you turn evaluations into transformative learning experiences that lead to teacher growth and increased student achievement. 

With 24 quality indicators (i.e. elements) supported by extensive coaching questions and thousands of professional development resources for support, TEF is simpler yet more powerful than any teacher effectiveness model available.  

Observation 360

About the Educator Effectiveness System

The ultimate measure of educator effectiveness is each student being prepared for college and a career. But for even the best teachers, success in the classroom is not a light switch waiting to be turned on. Educator effectiveness and college and career readiness are achieved through a process that demands preparation, the dedication of day-to-day work, and constant self-examination and improvement.

School Improvement Network has spent over two decades researching this process, documenting how the highest performing schools in North America have helped their students reach college and career readiness. The results of this research have culminated in a systematic approach to developing effective educators, and it is called the Educator Effectiveness System. The tools in this system are proven to help educators get 100% of students college and career ready.

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Classroom Walkthroughs and Observation with Observation 360