Learning 360 Framework

Implement with Fidelity for Dramatic Increases in Student Learning and Achievement

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What is Learning 360 Framework?

Learning 360 Framework is the key research on teacher effectiveness aggregated into a framework for powerful student learning. It is what teachers want because it is student-centered, practical, doable, and impactful. When St. John’s Parrish in Louisiana used Learning 360 Framework, 8th grade math scores soared by 27% after only one year of teacher training. See what you can do for your teachers and students with Learning 360 Framework.

What educators are saying about Learning 360 Framework

“We loved, loved, loved the professional development. The staff was left with many practical strategies that could be utilized immediately in the classroom…you provided [PD] in such a way that we not only enjoyed it, but also learned from it. I had to thank Helen Shelton, our Executive Director for connecting me to you.”

-Joyce Akintilo, Principal of Harlem Park Elementary, Baltimore City Schools

"Loved the connection to the Common Core Standards and demonstration that the Common Core asks for deeper teaching, learning and assessing."           

-Kenneth Paul, Principal, Clark County, NV

"[Learning 360 Framework trainers] did not come with a program that we needed to fit into. They certainly had parameters and guidelines; they knew what it was that made good assessment and training that would be good for teachers, but then it was modified to fit the staff and the needs and the students. Whatever feedback the team and the teachers were providing throughout the training sessions, the next training was adjusted to fit that. Which is what we want kids to do, right?"

-Colleen McNeil, Principal, Loudon County, VA

"[Students’] confidence goes up; they’re learning what they need to learn, and they WILL pass the test because they are becoming better thinkers, better learners, and they have the skills to pass, even if we didn’t teach to the test."

Teacher, Water’s Elementary, Union City, NJ

What does Learning 360 Framework look like?

The major components of the Learning 360 Framework are student-friendly learning targets that are standards based and relevant, assessment that is aligned and growth producing, and learning strategies that are rigorous and engaging.


Certified coaches and trainers make the implementation sustainable with focus on the following:

In the Learning 360 Framework classroom, students have the following experiences:

Teachers learn how to use instructional strategies to hit learning targets aligned to state standards, make instruction intentional, and engage students immediately at the start of every lesson. Administrators and other leaders receive training to become instructional leaders capable of guiding their school to success. Unlike other school interventions that often do not yield significant results, the Learning 360 Framework is a results-driven process focused on building internal capacity and sustainability to enable schools and districts to maintain and continue improvement on their own.

The implementation services of the Learning 360 Framework are a blend of on-site and online coaching and training that can be customized to support any level of capacity and budget. Recommended models for school turnaround/transformation and training the trainer include the following:

1.    On-Site/Online Leadership Team Development

2.    On-Site/Online Small Group Teacher Development

Small group instruction and in-depth modeling in the eight stages of the Learning 360 Framework:

  1. Visible Learning Targets created are standards based and aligned with major concepts and processing skills.
  2. A Culture of Learning is developed through trust, high expectations, success, and student willingness to take risks and learn through mistakes.
  3. Formative Assessment and effective response to frequent, informal checks for understanding are implemented every day to meet students’ needs.
  4. Student Self-Assessment results in ownership of and taking responsibility for students’ own learning.
  5. Big Rock Concept Patterns provide the “velcro” that holds information together and gives meaning and relevance to curriculum.
  6. Backward Design of summative assessment before instruction creates a “blueprint” for instruction.
  7. Learning Design provides a 3-in-1 learning experience starting with the end in mind. (1) Learn and understand the content. (2) Learn how to Learn. (3) Take ownership through self-assessment.
  8. Powerful Learning Strategies engage students in the learning process and encourage critical thinking skills.

3.     On-Site Classroom Coaching and Observations

77% to 90% of student’s rate school, classes, teachers, and teaching techniques as “improved” to “dramatically improved” from the previous year.

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