Common Core 360: The Common Core Implementation Component in the Educator Effectiveness System

Common Core 360™is the only training tool that will help every teacher in your school  or district integrate the Common Core with fidelity in the very first year of implementation.

With hundreds of videos, case studies, and footage of real Common Core classrooms, Common Core 360 places you right in the middle of schools and classrooms that are doing the day-to-day implementation of the Common Core Standards.

You can receive access to the growing Common Core 360 library and watch training segments and access other content that outlines the foundations, goal, and vision of the Common Core Standards. When you register for your free license, you will gain a free, lifetime membership to the PD 360 community, the world’s largest online PLC with over one million verified educators. Use the form on the right-hand side of this page to begin.

With Common Core 360, you receive the following unique resources:

Now included in your Common Core 360 Trial

Common Core 360 is a tool designed by educators for educators. As educators gain more experience in implementing the Standards, Common Core 360 is there to document the strategies that are helping teachers and students. We will regularly release new content on the Standards over the coming months and years.

Click here to watch an introductory video and learn more about the Common Core

NOW AVAILABLE – Mapping to the Core: Integrating the Common Core Standards into Your Local Classrooms

LiveBook supports educators’ professional development in the Common Core Standards with Mapping to the Core by Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Dr. Ann Johnson, the inaugural LiveBook in a growing library of resources. Mapping to the Core presents step-by-step theory and instruction that guides teachers through the process of creating a curriculum map aligned to the Common Core Standards.

Common Core Suite

Forty-eight states participate in the Common Core State Standards Initiative, and now millions of educators across the United States have the responsibility of integrating those Standards.

In order to adequately support student learning by integrating the Standards, educators need more than workshops to provide them with training that works to help them integrate the Standards. They need to see what integration really looks like in the classroom. They need the vision behind the Standards. Educators need more than one type of training in more than one type of format.

Welcome to the Common Core Suite by School Improvement Network.

At this one-stop resource, you will receive the largest on-demand selection of videos on the “why”, “what” and the “how” of the Common Core Standards all available on Common Core 360, with video of real classroom examples of Standards integration. Also available are webinars, blog posts from experts, LiveBook, LivePlanner, and a growing suite of materials to help you successfully navigate the new Common Core State Standards Initiative.